Senior Occupational Therapist (Hand Therapy)

Terri graduated from University in South Africa in 1995 and her Occupational Therapy experience has extended over a variety of countries including the UK and Australia. After initially completing work in the area of Orthopaedics, Neurology and Paediatrics she has specialised in the area of Hand and Upper limb rehabilitation, specifically in plastics and orthopaedics, over the last 18 years. Terri currently works in both the public and private sector, having joined Re-wired in 2015. She enjoys working with complex trauma cases.

Terri enjoys working as part of a dynamic team and enjoys teaching/problem solving and creating which are all strong components of the job.

When not working, Terri enjoys travel, spending time with family and being outdoors.

Email: terri@re-wired.com.au