Director and Senior Occupational Therapist (Hand Therapy and Driving Assessor)

Melanie McCulloch is a dedicated member of the Re-wired team, and as Director takes every opportunity to help better the practice and ensure all patients experience professional, evidenced based treatment sessions.

She is also a registered VicRoads OT Driving Assessor and enjoys being able to help keep our roads and drivers safe.

She had the wonderful opportunity of attending the AHTA conference in Perth 2015 where Re-wired were announced as ‘Finalists in the Amy Geach Innovation awards!’

Mel has enjoyed presenting papers and posters at multiple conferences including: ‘The Functional Outcomes of Nerve Transfers in the Brachial Plexus Patient’ at the International Musculoskeletal Conference (S.O.N.S.) in Japan 2014; and the Functional BPI Poster at the AHTA conference in Victoria 2013. She thoroughly enjoys applying her Hand Therapy skills to assist patients in their recovery.

She has been invited to join the first Plexus lnterplast Team travelling to Vietnam in June 2016 and is looking forward to volunteering her time to assist the Vietnamese medical community improve their Hand Therapy Interventions with the Brachial Plexus population.

Outside of work she has taken on the challenge of running an Olive Grove and is enjoying learning the art of producing Extra Virgin Olive Oil with her family.